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Wrap the year - Christmas Lunch

December 20, 2018

To wrap up another calendar year, the CLBC cards & games group got together on December 20 for a tasty Chinese food lunch & a few more games.  Thanks to Denis & Flo for organizing us all so well, to Darlene for food delivery & photos, & to Judy for the delicious dessert.  The games will start up again in January - Flo will keep us posted.

Happy Holidays - & have a great 2019 everyone !!

Season Wrap with the Whitecaps

November 28, 2018

After their successful excursion into the world of lawn bowling, the Vancouver Whitecaps invited some club members to a video shoot to wrap up the 2018 MLS season.  This video features players and fans in the final episode of "BELL OUTSIDE THE BOX" for this year.  This video is included with the others in our "Whitecaps Visit" album ... have a look by clicking the button below ... 

Enjoy - & have a great Holiday Season !!

Annual General Meeting

September 30, 2018

Time again for for the AGM, and the clubhouse was filled to near capacity, with attendees enjoying refreshments, & hearing all the reports and news from The Executive Committee.  The highlights are that the Green is receiving lots of loving care, and meetings with city staff are going well, in terms of future plans for the facility.  Also, awards and prizes were announced & distributed, and all nominees for Executive Committee positions were accepted by acclamation - check the list here. 


Thanks for a great 2018 season everyone !! 

Putting the Green to Bed

September 26, 2018

It was a gorgeous sunny day, and the plan was to take advantage of some good weather to put the green to bed for the season.  Club members and city staff converged to get a lot of work done - full aeration - plug the bare spots - spread a lot of sand.  Huge THANKS to the dozen or more volunteers who came out to fill so many holes with so many grassy plugs - - this will give the green a great head start for filling in nicely come Spring.

Have a great rest - see you in April 2019  !!

Men's Singles Tournament

September 24, 2018

It all started on the evening of September 4, and from there the competitors were divided into Group A and Group B, based on those first night results.  After several more games, played over several subsequent days, the winners finally emerged.  Group A winner is Denis Sigfusson, with runner up Gary Clarke.  Group B winner is Allan Black, with runner up Ed Wagstaff.  Thank you to all who helped out, especially the markers for each game.

Congratulations to Denis and Allan - well done !!

Closing Day - Mixed Triples Tournament

September 23, 2018

It started off with a little rain, but we were not deterred, & soon enough, the weather improved & we had a very nice day out on the green.  We played four 10-end games of mixed triples, & the battles on the green were intense.  Thanks to everyone who contributed so much to make this a great success - - we had lots of effort put into set up, refreshments, tear down, & all those little things that make a tournament go well.  Big thanks to Helen LeCounte for organizing our house tournaments all season long.  Our volunteers are the very BEST.

More tournaments next season - SEE YOU THEN !!

FUN Night - September

September 21, 2018

It's the last Fun Night of the season, so what could go wrong ? Well ... nothing really, as we had a great Happy Hour, great food, a fun trivia game, many funny stories, & many great prizes ... in spite of the downpour of rain.  We missed out on our usual fun bowling, but we managed to get all our tables & chairs under cover, so nobody got wet unless they wanted to.  Thanks Brian & Judy for organizing this one so well - - the New Years Eve theme was a big hit, & we ate so well with everyone bringing appies to share.  We look forward to the 2019 season ...


Happy New Year everyone !! 

Success at BC 55+ Games

September 14, 2018

This year the BC 55+ Games were hosted by Kimberley / Cranbrook, & four of our Club members made the trip, representing Zone 3 (Fraser Valley).  The bowling green, located in Kimberley, was a bit of a challenge, but our members bowled well & raked in a bushel of medals. 

Gold Medal - Mixed Fours:  Flo Hurtubise, Ed Wagstaff, Jean Wagstaff, & Denis Sigfusson. 

Silver Medal - Ladies Pairs: Jean Wagstaff & Flo Hurtubise

Silver Medal - Men's Pairs: Denis Sigfusson & Ed Wagstaff

The 55+ Games website is here.

Congratulations to you all - well done !!

Labour Day Mixed Triples Tournament

September 03, 2018

It was a warm sunny day, & we had 14 teams take to the green for FOUR hard fought 10-end games.   Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this tournament, especially Helen LeCounte for organizing it all.  Our volunteers did an excellent job with set up, rolling the green, refreshments & goodies, & the many other jobs that need to be done to ensure we all have a good time.

Well done everyone ... and THANKS !!


August 24, 2018

Another FUN NIGHT is in the books, with BIG THANKS to Brian & Judy Siemens.  This one was a Pizza & Pyjamas theme, so the food was tasty & the outfits were hilarious.  Thanks also to Denis, Dave, Brian, & everyone else who helped with set up, tear down, clean up, & organizing all the FUN bowling.  It's a lot of work to make all this fun happen, & our volunteers are the very very BEST !!

Great FUN for all !!

Thursday Night League Wrap Up

August 23, 2018

We all had a great time with the new format for our Thursday Night League.  It was all pairs - all the time, & the only thing that mattered was a WIN.  Thanks Stephen Lambert for devising the format & keeping track of all those WINS - each one being worth more as the weeks went on.  Congratulations to all our winners, especially our FIRST PLACE TEAM ** Flo & Donna ** who were awarded the most magnificent "GOLD - BOWL CARRIERS".   (Photo credits - Sean Lambert)


Well done ladies - well done everyone !!

Mixed Pairs Tournament

August 14, 2018

It was a warm smoky evening in Coquitlam, and our pairs teams all arrived to show off their bowling skills, and their flashy duds too. Big thanks to all who arranged this event, and THANK YOU to all those who helped with kitchen, green set up, and all other chores.

Our volunteers are the best !!

V&D Men's Intermediate Tournament

August 12, 2018

The rains held off & we had a cool day to host The Vancouver & District Men's Intermediate Tournament. This one is for bowlers with 3 years or less experience, & we had 9 teams enter from around the district. Thanks to Games Coordinator Gary Korstrom for getting it all organized. There were four 10-end games played under cloudy skies in beautiful Coquitlam.  Congratulations to our 2 winning teams from Coquitlam:

First Place - Frank Floro, Brian McArthur, & Brian Siemens

Third Place - Jerry Clarkson, Nigel Arrandale, & Ron Fleck

Well done everyone !!

BC Day Mixed Triples Tournament

August 06, 2018

As the summer heat wave continues, lawn bowlers prove to be extremely hardy, playing four 10-end games on BC Day. Thanks Helen for organizing this one, & thanks to everyone who came early & stayed late to get the many chores done. With all of us working together, no one had too big a load - you're the BEST !!

Happy BC Day !!

July Mixed Pairs Tournament

July 29, 2018

The heat was intense, the bowlers were intense, and the mister was needed - - just in time for our Mixed Pairs Tournament.  Thanks Helen for organizing this one, & thanks for cutting it down to 3 bowls & 8-end games ... the heat was too much for more bowling than that.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered for all of the chores that needed to be done.

You're the BEST !!

July FUN NIGHT - in Black & Whites

July 27, 2018

The weather was spectacular & so was the crowd, all dressed up for this "Black & White" theme night ... not necessarily formal, but certainly a lot of fun !! Big THANKS to Judy & Brian Siemens for coordinating this so well - we had a ball. THANKS also to all our volunteers who contributed their time & energy for set up, tear down, decorating, kitchen chores, & game layout. We could not have done it without a LOT of help !!

Well Done Everyone !!


July 24, 2018

Another hot, beautiful evening in Coquitlam, so 10 teams gathered all the testosterone available to duel it out in a hard fought MEN'S PAIRS Tournament. Thanks Helen & Irene for coordinating this very enjoyable evening.  We played three 8-end games & had a ball / bowl.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this one so much FUN !!

Vancouver Whitecaps pay us a visit

July 23, 2018

Three of the Vancouver Whitecaps - Kendall Waston - Efrain (Effie) Juarez - & Jose Aja, dropped by to give lawn bowling a try. These three took on our team of Allan Black, Roger Skinner, & Dorothy Clarke, & squeaked out a ONE POINT win. Big thanks to our Gary Clarke, who coached the Whitecaps so well - a little TOO well !! Look for the video highlights at the Aug 18 Whitecaps game, & on the TSN half time show - another episode of "BELL - OUTSIDE THE BOX". Thanks to all our volunteers who contributed so much to making this event / visit so much FUN !! 

Go Whitecaps Go !!    (Click on PHOTOS for lots of pics)

5 Person Tournament

July 14, 2018

A hot, sunny Saturday - a great day to unleash the tournament that has 5 member teams trying to win games of singles, pairs, triples, & fours. There was a full sign up of 8 teams for this one, & it was great to be done after just 3 games, as it was a scorcher out on the green. A special thanks to ALL VOLUNTEERS - everyone who helps out in every way to make these events a success & lots of FUN. Please consider joining in and helping out - that's how we get things done at CLBC - - no one is getting paid, and "many hands makes for light work"

Thanks to everyone who contributed their time & effort - much appreciated !!

Spirit of Coquitlam - Grant Success Again !!

July 06, 2018

Once again, CLBC has been successful with a "Spirit of Coquitlam Grant" application.  We received funding for one of our four proposed projects, a small supply of lawn bowling measuring tapes.  These will come in handy for sorting out those tight heads to determine who has actually scored.  Mayor Richard Stewart added this droll quip to our success letter - -

Pleased to grant the CLBC this "measure" of support

Ladies Pairs Tournament

July 03, 2018

A very nice evening for lawn bowling, so the Ladies Pairs teams took to the green for their annual tournament with three 8-end games. Thanks to Helen LeCounte & Allan Black for coordinating this one.  A great time was had by all.

Check out our Facebook Photo Album - click the PHOTOS button ...

Canada Day - MIxed Triples Tournament

July 01, 2018

The weather was a bit sketchy, but we hung in there for four 10-end games of Mixed Triples.  After just 17 drops of rain, blue sky emerged and the sun came shining through. Big thanks to Helen LeCounte for organizing this one, and thanks to everyone who contributed in so many ways.

Happy Canada Day to all !!

June FUN NIGHT - Tailgate Party

June 22, 2018

It was a balmy Friday evening for socializing at the club, with Happy Hour, Pot Luck dinner with desserts, Fun Bowling-in-a-box, and a whole bunch of prizes.  It was very hard to miss all the great sports uniforms associated with the TAILGATE Party theme.  Big thanks to Judy and Brian Siemens, our Fun Night Coordinators, and thanks to all who helped with set up, clean up, & tear down.

     Well done everyone !!  - - click PHOTOS to view our Facebook Album

Mixed Cutthroat Tournament

June 12, 2018

It was a good turnout on a less than warm and less than dry evening. An interesting and fun format for all who attended ... three 8-end games of Cutthroat. Thanks to Helen LeCounte for setting this one up, & thanks to Marcy Tracey for helping us all to get organized.


See our Facebook Photo Album - click on PHOTOS

Rose Garden Tournament

June 03, 2018

The weather was a challenge ... but all 16 teams ROSE to the occasion, playing four 10-end games of Mixed Fours in pretty foul weather. Good times & great prizes.  Congratulations to all the winners. First place - It's a tie !! - Eric Leung's team from Richmond, & Tony Webster's team from Maple Ridge. Third place - Bob Martin's team from N. Van. Fourth place - Denis Sigfusson's team from Coquitlam.  Thanks to all the organizers & volunteers who really helped to keep everyone reasonably dry, warm, & happy.

Click on PHOTOS to see the album on our Facebook Page

Victoria Day - Mixed Triples Tournament

May 21, 2018

This was a nice warm day for lawn bowling, & we had a full slate of bowlers to enjoy the day, with four 10-end games. Thanks to Helen LeCounte for organizing this one, & thanks to all the kitchen helpers & other volunteers who contributed so much.  Congratulations to all the winners !! A great day enjoyed by all.

Click the PHOTO button to view the album on our Facebook Page

May FUN NIGHT - first of the season !!

May 18, 2018

It was a beautiful evening, and just a great time for a Birthday Party.  This party had it all - - happy hour, a Bar-BQ, cupcakes, FUN bowling, & so many many prizes. BIG thanks to Judy & Brian Siemens for organizing it all so well.  And thanks to all the helpers who pitched in with set up, decorating, Bar-BQ'ing, game set up, & all the take down & put away tasks too. 


Check out the photo album on our Facebook Page - what a party !!

Australian Pairs Tournament

May 05, 2018

It was a gorgeous sunny day for the first tournament of the season. This one utilized the popular Aussie Pairs format, which is especially good for new bowlers, as everyone gets to bowl in the lead and the skip positions. It's a little more walking back & forth, but it's great fun, great exercise, & very rewarding.  Big thanks to Helen LeCounte for organizing this one so well.  Thanks also to all those who helped out with set up / tear down, kitchen duties, baking contributions, green rolling & green set up.  It all made for a great day !!


        Make sure to Sign Up for May 18 FUN NIGHT !! 

2018 - Opening Day

April 22, 2018

Finally - some great weather & a bowling green in good playing condition ... so let's bowl already.  Over 40 members turned out to get the season started.  Thanks Stephen Lambert for the early morning rolling of the green - making it a little faster & more fun to play on.  All players - be aware that the north side backboards are being replaced, so be very careful around this fairly MAJOR re-construction project.  This forces us to play only east/west until this re-construction is complete ( estimated to be done by May 4 )  

Enjoy the 2018 season everyone !!

Semi Annual General Meeting (SAGM)

April 08, 2018

We're off to a good start, as 55 members turned out for the SAGM.  It's always a little crowded in our small clubhouse, but we managed to find room for everyone.  President Allan Black got us through a busy agenda, setting our annual membership dues, with Directors reporting on events and plans in their areas of responsibility.  It looks to be a busy, successful, and fun season ahead.  Let's hope to be on the green soon ... just a little sunshine needed !!   


Opening in April ... Stay Tuned

2018 Clean Up Day

March 24, 2018

An energetic group of 32 members came out to clean up the facility in preparation for the coming season. We had rain, sleet, snow, coffee, donuts, hot water, soap, tools, & a whole lot of fun.

Let's see if we can start bowling soon - we need a little warm weather first !!

Cards & Games group - Wind Up lunch

March 22, 2018

It was another great winter season at the club for a hardy group of card & game players. The season ends with a tasty Chinese food lunch enjoyed by all. Thank you Flo & Denis for organizing it all so well.

Onward to the new season ... let's do a sun dance !! 


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