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Thursday Night League - Part 1 wrap up

​Thank you to Stephen Lambert for organizing the popular Thursday Night League ( Part 1 ). It was  another component of getting back to NORMAL after the pandemic years. The name of the game was Australian Pairs,  the weather was always favourable, & everyone had fun.  Stand by for Part 2, as we just may have enough time left for another round.

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Let the "NORMAL" prevail !! 



Back in Business - 2022

​It has been 2 long years since we have been able to operate in a normal way, but here we are  - providing lessons for about 50 new recruits, and starting the 2022 season of Daily Drop-In bowling on May first. The turnout for lessons and drop-in bowling has been great, and our membership numbers should be going up dramatically as the new recruits complete their free lessons & make their decision on club membership. BIG THANKS to Gary Clarke, our coaching Director, and our seven qualified coaches helping Gary with this large influx of new recruits.

For our current members - - WELCOME BACK - and let's be safe & make sure that the pandemic allows us to get all the way back to normal this season.

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Let the "NORMAL" begin !! 


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SAGM - April 10, 2022

​We held our first SAGM in 2 years, outdoors at the club. We are still playing it safe with COVID, so the club is requiring Proof of Vaccination for members, & facemasks are optional. The weather was chilly, but the enthusiasm for a "normal" season kept us all warm, sort of.  The SCHEDULE OF EVENTS booklet was released, as well as the V&D Events booklet, so members can now plan ahead for the 2022 season. We had a great Clean-Up Day on April 2 with a large turnout of volunteers - & the facility is looking good. Thanks to all who contributed so much to get this season rolling. It's not easy to remember all the details of what a normal season looks like, but  the plans look great & we will be ready to start bowling on May 1, with Aggregate scorekeeping starting on June 1.

Good Bowling everyone !! 


SAGM 3_edited.jpg

PLANS for 2022

​We hope that the 2022 season will be a return to "normal", so the plans for the season include almost everything we had to give up for the past 2 pandemic years. The plans include publishing our SCHEDULE OF EVENTS booklet, having a CLEAN UP DAY, & holding a Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM). We will also be opening up for new members, which has been on hold for 2 years. The waiting list has grown quite large, so our Coaching Director,  Membership Director, & coaches will be kept very busy. We expect to be seeing lots of new faces & welcoming them to the sport of lawn bowling. The city is also getting back up to speed & will be replacing the South side backboards & the remainder of the old East side backboards, all in time for season opening on May 1.

Welcome back everyone !! 


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