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Tournament Expectations & Responsibilities :

- Signing up for a tournament is a commitment to YOUR team & every other team, so please ...

   - be prepared to play the WHOLE tournament, unless you are using the Club's SHARED POSITION policy

     (see below)

   - be responsible for finding a replacement if you must drop out - Club Executive can assist if needed

   - when tournament teams are drawn by the club, every effort is made to make each team competitive,

     with each team having a "perfect" balance of strengths & weaknesses, so that it's fun for everyone


The Club will not proceed with tournaments with LESS than a five lane sign-up, & tournament formats may be adjusted by the Games Director(s) to to meet the five-lane requirement.

Signing up as a SPARE is strongly encouraged as it can assist the Games Director(s) in dealing with unforeseen circumstances.

Tournament dress is WHITES, unless special colours are designated, such as RED & WHITE on CANADA DAY.

Check each Tournament Sign Up sheet to see the detailed information about that tournament

Shared Position Policy :

-  LEAD positions can be SHARED by 2 players

-  Shared Positions are limited to ONE SHARE per team

-  Sign-Up sheets will include an area for Share Requests

-  Completed Share Requests will occupy one position on the Sign-Up sheet

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