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2021 - Staying Safe

July 19 2021

​As of July 19, the club has transitioned from a Covid-19 Safety Plan to a Communicable Disease Prevention Plan (CDPP).  The objective of the CDDP is to prevent more diseases than just Covid-19, by emphasizing ongoing cleanliness and other good habits, like staying home if not feeling well. The plan includes a number of informative posters that are located in strategic areas like the kitchen & the washrooms. It has been a long journey to get this far, & not all of our former members have returned from their pandemic absence, but we expect a large return of ex-members next season, as well as a healthy influx of new members who have been waiting in the wings until the day we resume free coaching & training for those new to lawn bowling.  

Once again, BIG thanks to BOWLS BC for developing the 4-step Recovery Program, and providing all lawn bowling clubs with a very useful CDPP template.                

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2021 - Close to Normal ...

July 11 2021

​As of July 11, pandemic related restrictions for lawn bowling were eased again, allowing us to get back into the clubhouse. Updated RETURNING to NORMAL (RTN) Guidelines are in place.  As of June 13 the Club re-introduced DROP-IN bowling, with TEAM DRAWS, and as of July 11 members are very pleased to have locker & kitchen access as per normal.

BIG thanks to BOWLS BC for developing a 4-step Recovery Program. We have made it to Step 2 and expect to keep moving forward - - - - unless COVID somehow gets the upper hand.



2021 - Heading towards Normal ...

June 2021

​As of May 27, pandemic related restrictions for lawn bowling were eased significantly. The Club has developed their RETURNING to NORMAL (RTN) Guidelines, and bowlers are now enjoying games in much more familiar formats. As of June 13 the Club plans to re-introduce DROP-IN bowling, with TEAM DRAWS , SEVEN days a week.  Members are very pleased to be bowling much more like normal again.  The Green is in tip top condition, however Club operations are still restricted in terms of physical distancing requirements, & there is very limited access to the Clubhouse.

BIG thanks to BOWLS BC for developing a 4-step Recovery Program. We are enjoying Step 1 and expect to keep moving forward - - - - unless COVID gets the upper hand again.



2021 - Ready for the season

April 2021

​Our Return to Play (RTP) Guidelines have been approved by BOWLS BC, so under these strict Covid-19 protocols the 2021 season can begin.  Our schedule is to have our practice sessions 7 days a week, starting on May 2.  There are many restrictions & no spectators are allowed at the facility.

We are hopeful that the COVID-19 vaccine program will keep us all  safer, & that we can get back to "normal" sometime soon.



2021 - Can we have a season ?

January 2021

​The pandemic rages on & lawn bowling is an on again / off again proposition.  Provincial Health Orders (PHO) were tightened up over part of the winter, which shut down ALL lawn bowling, indoor & outdoor, in the Province for several weeks.  As of January 8 the PHO was eased a bit, but Return to Play (RTP) Guidelines need to be amended & approved, adding extra measures of safety.  CLBC does not need to make the amendments just yet, as our season is still several months away.  Please check in here often as we try to keep everyone up-to-date with developments. 

We certainly hope that the COVID-19 vaccine rollout will make a difference, & we can get back to the sport we love this year.

             ( see 2021 Executive Committee listing here )


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Hope to be bowling in 2021