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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - - 2023
Q:  What is the Drop-In bowling schedule for 2023 ?
      A:  7 days a week ... (to be confirmed soon by Exec Committee)
           * 10 till noon on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
           * 7 till 9 pm on Wednesday & Friday evenings
Q:   Are Pandemic safeguards in place for 2023 ?
       A:  The Club may require Proof of Vaccination for all members, & the club has 
             the Communicable Disease Prevention Plan (CDPP)  in place.
             Facemasks are optional in all areas of the facility
Q:   Is the Clubhouse open for the 2023 season ?
       A:  Yes, as of July 11, 2021, the Clubhouse is open for all access. The wearing of facemasks is optional      

Q:   Can I use club bowls at my bowling sessions ?

       A:  Yes - as part of the orientation & lessons provided, this will be covered. Members are expected

            to have their  own bowls after their first year

Q:   Are tournaments scheduled for 2023 ?

       A:  SOON - see the club's 2023 Schedule of Events booklet as soon as it is released.

            Also see the sign up sheets posted on the  bulletin board  about 2 weeks before each tournament.

            You can also  go to SEASON AT A GLANCE    or CALENDAR  on this website to view all planned events

           for each month

Q:   Are Fun Nights scheduled for 2023 ?

       A:  Not yet - this will be reviewed as the season gets underway - stay tuned

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