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         Enjoy this humourous Video showing one of our Fun Night "Spider" contests:

The basic idea is to place the jack in the centre of the bowling green, & have all the bowlers line up on the outer edges all around the green.  On a signal from the MC, each bowler launches ONE bowl, trying to get closest to the jack.  Mayhem ensues, as the jack can be knocked around a lot, HOWEVER, there is a prize for whoever's bowl ends up being closest to the jack, wherever it ends up.  We award one prize for the closest female bowler, & another prize for the closest male bowler.  Prizes are delicious consumables, sometimes requiring a corkscrew.


This video was filmed by Sean Lambert, using a very cool DRONE, when such machines were allowed in public spaces.  Thanks Sean - this is a unique perspective of club members looking like little ants on a big carpet.

Lookout all you ants ... BEWARE THE SPIDER !! 



                                                            Click this BUTTON to see more of Sean's work with us ==>>

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